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How to download works on

How to download works on

There are 3 ways to download works on protocol HTTP (via html-forms on the website or as it is called, through the web-interface) protocol FTP (this would require a special program to work with FTP), and with the help of browser-based Java-plugin (Aurigma Uploader), as well located on the site.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Boot Method Pros Cons
no need to install additional software on your computer.
slow loading, breaks and with slow Internet connections.
when loading vectors for the exam have to download exam papers in two parts, because the form will load for 1 time only 10 files, and when loading vector need to ship 20 (10 and 10 jpg eps).
Java-based application (Aurigma Uploader)
ability to upload photos folders, rather than one file.
Picture quickly generated thumbnails.
it is possible to quickly remove from the list of photos that you would not want to load (on your hard drive, they will stay).
installation of additional software on your computer (Aurigma Uploader).
in the same way as you would through a web-based interface, users dial-up-connection problems can occur when loading.
fast download any number of files.
the ability to upload work to several microstock.
If you're already using the file manager, you will not need to use other programs to work with ftp (normal conductor also works with ftp)
with the possibility of disconnection "resuming" not completely copied files
the need to install on your computer any additional software.
Let us consider all three types of boot images on ShutterStock:

The browser-based Java-plugin
Other articles photobank ShutterStock
Description photobank ShutterStock
Registration on
Requirements photobank to work
Loading work on over HTTP
Loading work on via FTP
Aurigma Uploader - a browser plug-in for Java-load work on
Assigning keywords and categories to
Translation and description of the categories on
Passage exam
Cash out
Referral program
Tax Form W-8BEN to
Interface photobank
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