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Assigning keywords and categories to ShutterStock

Assigning keywords and categories to
Once you have downloaded the images any way you want, then a further step will be assigned to images of keywords and categories.

Go to the page where you can do this in two ways: either via the menu item «Upload Content-> Batch Editor», or the link «edit submitted images>» in the «Content Overview», which will appear after you download their work.

Home akkaunat on for photographers. Select chapter Waiting to be submitted for attribution downloaded images.
On this page you need to fill in information about the images.

Page for attribution images on
The fields that must be filled in:

Description - the description of the image, it will be written over the image on the site
Keywords - keywords for which your work will be searched on the site, there should be no less than 7 and no more than 50. To select keywords should be in good faith. By keywords work looking for buyers, the words should most accurately match the image. Only what is shown, only the ideas or plot. Mentally put yourself in the designer who chooses the content, what he would write in the search bar, if it is needed it is this your job? Similar related words here are not suitable, okolotematicheskie, fashion and popular words are no good, too, left no-sew-mare-tail keywords - do not fit anywhere. The temptation to distribute more keywords is always great, but it's a bad temptation riders, a punishment that will be rejections. For malicious spam keywords administrators to issue warnings, after several warnings account is blocked. And in order to unlock it, will have to re-take the exam. Affix keywords must be in English, only the English words in Latin letters.

If you are correct before uploading filled IPTC-information in the file (in the case of vector illustration, IPTC prescribed in the file JPG), then the server read this data and automatically fill the field «Description» and «Keywords».

If the IPTC-information is not full, you'll have to do it now. To do this, select the image you want and click on the link «Edit Selected» top of the list (if you have multiple odnotiptyh images, which will be the same keywords, then select them all with the mouse and press Ctrl clamped on the keyboard).
Assigning keywords and categories to
Fill out the required fields (Description, Keywords, Category 1, Category 2). If you load vector or raster images, then one of the categories MUST be «Illustrations / Clip-Art». Anything that is not a photograph belongs to the category «Illustrations / Clip-Art».

Is always assigned to just the right category, remember responsibilities. Shutterstock inspectors to monitor the proper arrangement of categories and in case of discrepancies reject images. Those who systematically violates the rules cautioned. Just do not try to cram one image into two categories, if it does not suit them, in this case, just choose one. For details on selecting categories. In addition, if you upload an illustration, in the drop-down list «Illustrations / Clip-Art» the right to choose «Yes»

Contains Nudity / R-rated - Put this box if your image contains nudity.

Releases - if people are downloading the image or object that you want to release, put a checkmark and add releases using the button add.

Editorial (Editorial - Editorial image is not intended for commercial use) - mark images with the people for whom you do not have a model release.

Watermark Placement - You can specify where in the necessary protective watermark. By default, it is located in the center, but you may want to protect some other part of the image.

After making the necessary changes, press «Apply to Selection».

If you downloaded the images and descriptions of different keywords, but the same category, they can also be assigned at the same time. To do this, select the images you want in the list while holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the link «Edit Selected» top of the list.

Assigning keywords and categories to
Fill in all the same manner as for a single file, except, of course, description, and keywords. After making the necessary changes, press «Apply to Selection».

If everything is filled out correctly, then press the «Submit for Review», a window will appear with a field inspector for comment. If you have nothing to say to the inspector, then again press the «Submit for Review».

Assigning keywords and categories to
If keywords have errors (or so says Dictionary photobank ShutterStock), then the next stage will be here this message:

Assigning keywords and categories to Error report
and a list of images with errors highlighted in red. Click «Continue», correct the error (or correct, if you do not agree with them) and then press «Submit for Review».

Assigning keywords and categories to Submit for Review
The download is complete, you now need to wait until the picture is ok.

If you do not like the new Batch Editor, you can use the old version, which is still available. To do this on a page with a list of images in the beginning you need to click on the link «Return to Basic Upload Form»
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