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Passage exam After registration and download passport

Passage exam
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After registration and download passport, you will need to pass the exam. Exam need to provide the 10 best of your images: photos, raster or vector illustrations. The exam is passed if at least 7 of them inspector approves, in this case, you are entitled to download works of art stock in any quantity. If pass the exam does not, then retake have to wait a whole month. Some people after such a failure upset and offended ever stop making attempts to "break." And for good reason. To pass the exam on the first try only need to follow a few rules, and carefully check the work before submitting to the exam.

Requirements which are desirable to perform:

Submit Photos and Vectors to Shutterstock and make $$$!

First, work with Microstock that do not require passing the exam. These are photobanks as Fotolia, Dreamstime, Depositphotos other. This will avoid any technical errors, to study the causes of failures and demand in the market microstock.
All images must be of different subjects. Do not send 10 pictures from a photo shoot Grandma vase. Even if all the pictures will be perfect from a technical point of view, you will be denied because of "too much of the same image." Remember that the essence of the exam on assess the level of your skill, and it can not be done on the same pictures (or illustrations).
You must be the author of uploaded images. If you draw vector picture, then you must be the author of the original photo if you use a texture or brush - you must be the author and textures and brushes.
If you decide to take the exam for with photos, reduce them to the minimum size 4Mp. This allows to hide the technical shortcomings that inexperienced stocker may not notice (e.g., reduce the amount of noise).
Do not overdo it with keywords. No need to try to "cram" in all possible image exam 50 words. Limit 10-15 words, but try to carefully choose those that best describe your image. Here is the rule "less is better".
Images should not contain any logos, trademarks or recognizable brands. This rule applies not only to the examination papers, but in this case it is better to check once again.
With regards vector illustration - do not use text elements. If you think that without the text well, you can not do - move the text to outlines.
Do not forget to stock up on all Model Released images containing recognizable human faces and when loading do not forget to attach.

Submit Photos and Vectors to Shutterstock and make $$$!

If you're sending photos to the exam, then look closely at each of them at 100% for the lack of digital noise, compression artifacts, and chromatic aberration. Make sure that the focus is exactly where it should be. And at the same time again, check the brands and all that can be mistaken for brand or company logo.
The vector check the open paths and illustrator version. Version should be no higher than 10th.

Submit Photos and Vectors to Shutterstock and make $$$!
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