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Interface photobank

Photoblog November 11 changed the interface section of the site for authors:

Interface photobank
The left section «Latest Downloads» catches the eye with a pop-up map of the world sold thumbnails of images showing what country was this image purchased.

Interface photobank ShutterStock. Latest Downloads
This map, in my opinion, is more entertaining than informative nature, because even with the knowledge of the geography of the country of purchase guess is difficult, a little card and signature "country" is not observed.

Located to the right of the map section «Content Overview», where you can see the preview is already loaded, but not attributable representation («clips and images to be submitted»), loaded and waiting for verification («images waiting for review») and images that are in your Portfolio («active images»).

Interface photobank
. Content Overview
You can view the entire portfolio, if you go to the link «your image gallery>» or if you Videographer link «your footage gallery>», which I have in the screenshot is not because I do not sell the video.

The most important information for the current month - earnings (earnings this month) and the number of downloads («downloads this month») located at the top right and written in large print (it is, in my opinion, the most successful change throughout the design).

Interface photobank ShutterStock. Earnings this month
New sections «Overall Earnings» (total earnings) and «Earnings from New Content» (payments for new content) allow to monitor not only the dynamics of sales growth, but also will evaluate "recoil" from the new images in your portfolio. Both of the schedule track the number of downloads "on-week"

Interface photobank ShutterStock. Overall Earnings. Earnings from New Content
You can change the period to build both graphs.

Now consider the menu.

Interface photobank ShutterStock. Top menu
Item «Stats» (statistics):

Interface photobank ShutterStock. Stats
Download Stats - Statistics downloads, will lead us to the actual statistics page downloads and earnings

Interface photobank ShutterStock. Download Stats.
By Month - statistics of downloads and payments for the current month by clicking on any of the dates in the list, you can view daily statistics
25-A-Day - sales statistics of each image for the entire period of the regular subscription
Enhanced - sales statistics images purchased by extended license
On Demand - sales statistics images purchased by subscription «On Demand»
Footage - Video sales statistics

Status of Submitted Photos - a reference to the section where you can keep track of "destiny" loaded images - Pending Approval (pending approval), Approved Photos (approved image) and Rejected Photos (image rejection).

Interface photobank ShutterStock. Status of Submitted Photos
Status of Submitted Footage - the same page, but for movies
Payment History - monthly payments of earnings history
Referred Photographers - list you attracted photographers
In paragraph «Resourses» (resources), the most frequently used links:

Interface photobank ShutterStock. Resourses
Your Account - your account information (address, phone number, the method of payment of wages)
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
Discussion Forum - Forum (in English)
Most Popular Images - Most popular images
Saved Releases - list of loaded releases
And the last on the list, but not the last in importance - the big green button «Upload Content» (download content).

Interface photobank ShutterStock. Upload Content
There are only 3 points:
Submit Photos - upload photos (and illustrations, of course)
Submit Footage - download video
Batch Editor - edit loaded party content (attribution, assigning keywords and categories)

All items are top menu are duplicated at the bottom of the page. If you are not working or disabled java script, you can and should use the lower menu.
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