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Registration on, Login to photobank ShutterStock for authors

Registration on

In order to register on ShutterStock You will need a passport. It needs to be scanned or if you do not have a scanner, take a picture of a reversal of the passport photo and save it in a format jpg. Image size should be done so that the information in the document could be read without difficulty. Visit the website link

Login to photobank ShutterStock for authors
Click on the link «Sign up now!» (Marked in the picture above) and get to a page form to fill out registration information. All fields must be filled in Latin letters.

Registration form photobank Shutterstock
The registration form:


Full Name - full name in Latin letters (exactly as written in the passport, change them later will not be, so be careful)

Display Name - name that will appear on under your images.

E-mail - your e-mail address. Do not use the address to the server - Shatter letters from him do not come, they seem to fall into the spam. The best option would be to register a mailbox at or

Password - password: at least 8 characters

Date of Birth (You must be 18 or older) - the day of birth (you must be at least 18 years of age).

Tick ​​«I agree to the Terms of Service» (I agree with the terms) and press the button below "Create Account". A message that you sent e-mail to verify:

Form to download passport photo bank Shutterstock
Check-mail and follow the link in the email. This screen appears :.

Registration form photobank Shutterstock

All of them! Your registration is over, now you can choose what you want to upload photographs, vector or video.

Let's say you have chosen vector. Press the «Vectors / Illustrations». A window will appear where you can download the data sheet and pictures for the exam:

Registration on photobank Shutterstock. Download passport and examination papers.
The exam take 10 of your best images - photos or illustrations, of which the passage should be taken at least 7.

Log into your account you will link
and not from the main page, because at ShutterStock authors and buyers must register different accounts and from the main page includes buyers.
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