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Submit Photos and Vectors to Shutterstock and make $$$!
- the world's largest image bank, working on a subscription and most favorite authors - income from sales it is often up to 60% of sales on all other photobanks together. Sales system based on ShutterStock subscription - buyer, purchasing a subscription to purchase, has the right to download a certain number of images for a limited time. Terms of subscription varies depending on the subscription period, the size of downloaded images and the type of license for which the images are bought.

Requirements for the materials placed high enough and to add their images indefinitely, you'll have to pass the exam - to provide to the court 10 of your best photos and vector illustrations, of which at least 7 must be approved by an inspector. From experience with vectors pass the exam on ShutterStock much easier than with photographs.

On ShutterStock
Submit Photos and Vectors to Shutterstock and make $$$!
there are two types of license and several types of subscriptions:

1. Standard License (Standard License) allows the use of most commercial purposes, provided that the number of copies and / or the size of the audience, who saw the picture, does not exceed 250 thousand. Types of subscription for the standard license as follows:

"25 day" (25-A-Day Subscriptions) - in this case, the buyer has the ability to download 25 images per day. The author thus receives from 25 to 38 cents per sale depending on total earnings. There are 4 subscription period "25 day" - for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.
"At the request» (On Demand Subscriptions) - buyer can download images within a year. For «On Demand». There are 2 subscription plan «On Demand». First, 5 full-size images (JPG or EPS) or 12 small and medium formats JPG. Second, 25 full-size JPG or EPS or 60 small and medium formats JPG. Remuneration of the author in this case the range of $ 0.81 to $ 2.85 depending on the size of the downloaded image and the total earnings of the author (reward system designed so that payments to the author of each sale the larger, the larger the amount he had already earned).
2. Extended License (Enhanced License) - designed for commercial use with large target audiences. There are three types of subscriptions extended license (Enhanced Subscriptions) - 2, 5 or 25 images. In the event of a sale on the extended license fee of $ 28 to the author.

The buyer can also order a backup already purchased images on CD (Backup CD), in this case the author additionally charged 5 cents for each already bought the image included in the backup.

The minimum amount of income that you can withdraw is $ 75. Payment can be accessed using services Moneybookers or Paypal (though, Paypal does not work with the CIS countries), or cashier's check in the mail.

Shutterstock feature is that the preference here is given to newer images, and it is therefore recommended that you upgrade your portfolio not less than once a week at least a few new works.

In addition to photographs and vector illustrations ShutterStock also sells videos, and to download the video the authors do not even need to pass the exam.

Submit Photos and Vectors to Shutterstock and make $$$!

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